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If the contract does not allow for the proposed amendment and the worker does not agree, the two options open to the employer to proceed with the amendment are: do you plan to recruit staff on a contractual basis? Don`t worry, even if it`s a full-time or part-time job, a long-term relationship or a contract, HROne is here for you! Use HROne`s human resources management software and forget about recruitment, boarding and membership concerns. In an employment contract, a worker may be compensated directly by the employer, but the worker must comply with the rules adopted by the employer, such as working hours, etc. However, in a service contract, the service provider must only provide the service or product agreed within the agreed time frame. In addition, the service provider is not obliged to comply with other rules unless otherwise agreed. From time to time, an employment contract will have the power to cooperate in disciplinary proceedings. For example, decommissioning may be indicated as an alternative or disciplinary sanction in addition to a written notice or dismissal. If this is the case, a demotion may be permitted, but this should normally be a temporary and non-permanent sanction. In the absence of a clear, written clause in the worker`s employment contract that allows for demotion, it should not be attempted. Instead, the employer should address the issue of the need to downgrade the employee: with regard to the transition process; You must first inform the staff member orally and in writing that you are proposing (do not do so). You should detail the nature of the proposed amendment and why the change is considered important by you, including the commercial reasons for the proposals and alternatives that have already been considered. The employee should be asked to review the proposed amendment and come back to you with his or her views and questions.

For important employees such as managers and executives, we can enter into effective service agreements to protect your investment in these people and your business. We will adapt these agreements to include clauses such as confidential information, restrictions on future employment, notice periods, etc. A contract contract for the worker`s employment service is of great importance because the external partner, in this case the worker, works for a short period of time and contains a lot of confidential data because of the nature of the work and the relationship.