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Finding the right agent to represent you in business could be a pleasure. It`s as long as you feel happy and comfortable with them, both professionally and personally. Have time to meet your agent in person and ask any questions you want, even if they are bordering on madness. A client initiates the agency agreement; a principle looking for an agent who provides certain services to his business. The document serves as a fact sheet containing relevant details about both parties, the senior officer and the officer. It also describes the nature of the activity in which the client operates. FONASBA are also publishers of the Standard Liner Agency Agreement and the General Agency Agreement (for Liner Services), both of which were revised and adopted in July 1993. The FONASBA sub-agency agreement follows the general layout of the Standard Liner agency agreement and contains clauses dealing with general terms and conditions, accounting and finance, remuneration, insurance, duration, sub-agent tasks, functions of the delegate general and finally the court. As an alternative to establishing an exhaustive list of the subcontractor`s tasks, the agreement refers to the agency agreement between the line and the general plenipotentiary and leaves it to the parties to identify the tasks covered in this document that the subcontractor must perform instead of the general plenipotentiary.

However, compensation does not apply to matters arising from the premeditation or negligence of the sub-agent. Although the FONASBA Standard Liner Agency agreement contains a similar clause requiring the line manager to compensate the agent, most agreements developed by the line companies or their lawyers do not contain such a provision. It is therefore important that officers try to negotiate the inclusion of such a clause when they are appointed first by a new line leader. A problem that can sometimes arise with the principle of the line of thought, the agent and the sub-agent is the situation in which the agent becomes insolvent because of the sub-agent`s money. In these circumstances, does the sub-agent resort to the sheath principle? A case in the United States, which was negotiated a few years ago, shows how important it is for a sub-agent to be responsible from the outset for determining who is responsible for his or her compensation in the form of freight commissions. “Subject to written instructions to the contrary, the agent has the authority to appoint sub-agents who provide services on behalf of the awarding entity, and the officers thus designated act as agents of the adjudicating authority.” Many companies today use the services of another company to represent them as representatives in their business. To do this, the company must enter into an agency agreement. In the case of a sales agency contract, the contract provides, for example.B.

that the representative of the company operates as the commercial representative of the company, whether it is an exclusive relationship or not; The procedure for denouncing the agreement; How commissions are calculated and more. As a general rule, there are two parties involved in an agency agreement. First, is the officer entitled to represent another person, the client, to make acts and decisions on behalf of that person? There is a legal link between these two parties when the adjudicator`s authority assigns representation to the agent. There are different types of agencies and also requires a different agency agreement. There will always be good and bad agreements. The bad ones are usually written by those who have been blinded in all of their excitement by the corruption of a number of agency contracts.