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(This section simply ensures that shareholders cannot be diluted by allowing the company to issue more shares. It gives shareholders the right to participate in proportion to new sales of public treasury shares.) 9.1 If the contracting parties fail to agree on matters requiring a majority, conscience or other reasonable possibility of classifying a situation “after a death”, the contracting parties will follow the following procedure: list of all parties to this agreement, with their names, addresses and number of shares held in the company. 1.19 “this agreement,” “in it,” “below,” “below,” “below,” “of it” and similar expressions refer to this agreement, not to a section, subsection, paragraph or other part of this agreement. In the event of a breach of a commercial partnership or joint venture, the assets belonging to that company are often sold to cover unpaid debts or other debts. This liquidation agreement governs the terms of such a liquidation of common assets. 8.5 Voting rights on shares can only be transferred with the shares. PandaTip: These are basics that are common in voter contracts. Make sure a lawyer reviews this model to make sure it complies with local and government laws applicable to your business. 13.1 A shareholder of the company has no right, directly or indirectly, to participate in business or to participate in other matters that directly or indirectly compete with the company. (a) shareholders may mortgage their shares as collateral for all obligations they have incurred, provided that the pawnbroker executes a written agreement, provided that the taker is subject to all the terms of this agreement. This shareholder contract can only be amended or terminated with the agreement of all shareholders. However, it could stop even if the company is no longer an officially registered company, capable of operating in its registered state. (the above give shareholders some influence in the event that a useless candidate is appointed.

First, this should not be a problem, as shareholders also act as directors.) Here you will find the full list of all the partners of the company, as well as their communication information and their participations. Ownership shares are divided into the number of shares held by each shareholder in each class of shares issued by the company. This is all persons who must be notified if, for any reason, this is necessary under the shareholders` pact or the company`s by-law. This is the final registration of the company`s ownership until the contract is terminated, replaced or updated. Each shareholder in Schedule A must sign the signature of the shareholder`s signature. The shareholder contract is effective only when all shareholders approve and execute the agreement.