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Since 2014, the Dutch government has been actively engaged in the development of semi-voluntary sectoral agreements on the risk management of good international governance. The following section provides an overview of these initiatives. See the agreement on international investments in the insurance sector on the SER website. The IRBC agreements are a way for business and other stakeholders to improve their performance in good international governance. A number of companies are already identifying and addressing risks. However, based on OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises, the sector found gaps in its approach. For more information on this event and the agreement, see 1. Within three to five years of reaching an agreement, measures to prevent and improve the negative effects of groups affected by specific risks (e.g. B, child labour, low wages, human rights violations or pollution). The Dutch pension funds, the Dutch pension fund association, civil society organisations, trade unions and the Dutch government have signed an agreement on good governance of responsible investment by pension funds.

This agreement helps pension funds gain a clearer picture of the international investment chain and thus prevents or fights human rights violations and environmental abuses. The OECD`s due diligence provides detailed recommendations to help companies respect human rights and avoid conflict through their purchasing decisions and practices. This guide is intended to be used by any company that can source minerals or metals in conflict and high-risk areas. The OECD guidelines are comprehensive and apply to all mineral supply chains. “The insurance industry agrees on responsible investment commitments,” July 5, 2018… The RBC Natural Stone Agreement is known as the TruStone Initiative. It sets out the sector`s commitments to improve social, social and environmental conditions and aims to make substantial improvements in Asia, Africa and Latin America over the next three to five years. The agreement is a joint initiative of the Dutch and Flemish parties. Dutch metals companies often depend on importing raw materials for their production.